First group home for Deafblind open in Japan

June 13, 2017

The group home for Deafblind persons, named "Smile Residence for the DeafBlind" (shortly Mickey House) opened in Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi in March. (photo)

In order to support communication with a tenant and going out, a staff is arranged cordially. Such facilities are the first across Japan according to the National Association of the DeafBlind in Tokyo. To secure the staff is difficult and problems still remain in a nationwide expanse.

The group home with five floors has ten rooms in all (about eight square meters for each). A rent is 65,000-75,000 yen including the lighting and heating expenses.

The present tenant is seven men and women aged 20-sixties. The three remaining rooms are being decided. Support staff are also stationed for 24 hours: about five persons in the daytime and one person at night.

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