Facilities for Deaf aged in Wakayama Prefecture behind schedule

June 17, 2017

In Wakayama Prefecture located in Central Japan, six Deaf organizations have cooperated in the fund-raising campaign since August, 2015 aiming at construction of the first home for the Deaf seniors in the prefecture. (photo) 

However, a schedule of the dedication of the Deaf senior home this fall was put off one year later because of lack of funds; the group gathered about 85,000,000 yen by May 20, 2017.

The building of the home for Deaf aged as soon as possible has been requested in the Deaf community, and the persons concerned have felt impatience.

By estimation of the Prefecture Association of the Deaf, out of about 6,200 persons with hearing impairments with disabled person's handbook issued, 500 Deaf persons who need sign language and the half of them are 65 year old and elder.

There are only 12 homes for the Deaf aged across Japan, overwhelmingly fewer compared with 70 facilities for visually impaired.

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