Deaf city council member asks for more barrier free environment
July 3, 2017

 "The ways of communication for those who are hearing loss varies, such as a hearing aid, sign language, writing and others. I ask you to arrange right support  system according to the needs of the person with hearing loss."

Sato Makoto, 37, (photo) a deaf city council member stood for a general question and appealed to the mayor and fellow members at the general assembly meeting of Toda-shi, Saitama Prefecture on June 9.

An answer from the administration is made through the voice recognition system that voice is changed to the caption, and interpreting as well.
Sato lost hearing when he was very sick at the age of two. He put on a hearing aid and was trained by an oral method since then. He learned sign language after he became an office worker after finishing high school.

His experience with the USA two years ago when he visited was so a big opportunity that he determined to become a politician.

Sato ran as an independent candidate for Toda-shi council election in January, 2017.  He appealed to make Toda-shi a barrier-free society, and won his first election.

Sato is the fourth Deaf local councilor in the whole country, and the first one in Saitama Prefecture next to Tokyo.

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No application for Tottori Prefecture's sign language course for next year

June 29, 2017

Tottori Prefecture Office has established a sign language course related to a social welfare (the university degree level) for the new employers in spring, 2018, which it was found out on June 28 that no one has made any application.

The Prefecture Office aimed to station  interpreters in the department that carries out a social welfare policy in order to plan substantially related to a person with disabilities. 

However, the Office seems to be pressed to reconsider an application and so on. 

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Send-off party held for Japanese team before Deaflympics

June 28, 2017

Prince and Princess Akishinonomiya, and their eldest daughter Princess Mako met with the national team who will represent Japan at the 23rd Summer Deaflympics,  at the Akasaka East House near Akishinonomiya's residence in Tokyo on June 28. Princess Mako and her mother Prince Kiko encouraged the team, saying "Do your best" in sign language.

Another send-off party for the Japanese team was held at the House of Councilors Hall in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. It was for the first time to hold such an event for the national team representing at Deaflympics.

The party were attended by the Olympic and Paralympics Minister and the Sport Agency Chief. Both encouraged the team and hoped for their doing best. The Turkish ambassador to Japan told a greeting, too.

At the Deaflympics scheduled for July 18-30 in Samsun, Turkey, 108 athletes in total  will compete in 11 sport items including truck and fields, badminton and others.  

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All graders in Shintoku-cho learn sign language following curriculum

Shintoku-cho in Hokkaido, Japan's northern island, has established a sign language regulation in 2014 for the first time and as the third town/village by the whole country autonomous body.

The sign language class has started targeted for all the grades of three elementary schools in the town this year. 

Children from the first grade through sixth grade learn sign language by a consistent system until graduation based on a step-by-step curriculum. Hokkaido Prefecture School Board says the case of the town is the first attempt.

The town dispatches an interpreter as a lecturer. The each grader has total of 30 frames until graduation: five frames a year for each grade (one frame for 45 minutes). (photo)

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Practice to catch stranger at Wakayama School for the Deaf
June 22, 2017

Practice to catch a stranger was performed at the Prefecture Wakayama School for the Deaf near Osaka. T

Total of about 100 graders and junior high and high school students and teachers participated in the training.

An officer from the Wakayama West Police Station acted the suspect who invaded in the schoolhouse with a knife. (photo: second from left) He asked loudly whether there was any child, while keeping the knife in his hand. 

Warned by school emergency announcement, the teachers and staff tried to hold the man who acted as suspect down using a broom, etc.

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